"Who looks outside dreams,
  who looks inside awakens."

-Carl Jung




Beliefs are primarily formed through external observation. We agree to what we observe, absorb that belief and put it into practice. The belief becomes part of our identity, rarely questioned or challenged. Over time we become trapped in a web of limiting beliefs, which prevent us from achieving our full potential. The rebuilding process begins by asking questions and re-examining beliefs about ourselves. I provide insight, encouragement, direction and support throughout this life changing process.   



Physical and emotional traumas remain within our body until properly released. An injury may appear to have healed on the physical level, yet pain is still experienced. Our bodies retain the emotional impact or frequency of old traumas. I work with the NES Health System to properly and permanently release these traumas using a biofeedback device called the miHealth. This biofeedback scanner detects imbalances with the body, transmits the proper frequency needed to regain homeostasis, allowing traumas to heal completely.



The subconscious mind does not reside solely within our brain. We experience  "gut feelings" or "butterflies in the stomach" due to neuroreceptors within our intestinal tract.  In our highly stressed lives we have become severely disconnected from our innate decision-making abilities. We often discount and ignore this practical intuition which, in time, sends us into a convoluted spiral of anxiety and/or depression. Throughout your process, I will introduce you to the practical tools needed to cultivate a higher state of awareness, allowing the incomparable clarity of the present moment.